The starting signal for 100 days in a container has been given as a total of 17 different candidates moved into the famous and constantly monitored TV prison on Monday (March 4) in the first primetime episode of Big Brother 2024. And “Big Brother” immediately made them understand who is the boss here, namely himself. These surprises awaited new residents in the first episode of “Move In” (from now on every Monday at 20:15 on Saturday 1 and around the clock on Join).

New residents of “Big Brother”

The first person in the container was artist and varnisher Mateo (46 years old) from Wuppertal. By joining Big Brother, he fulfills a big dream: his grandmother and mother always advised him to go to Big Brother. With Tanya nicknamed Taube (55 years old) from Giessen, female reinforcements soon arrived to start work – and “Big Brother” prepared the first instructions: they both had to take two, four gift boxes and cowboy hats from the consultation room. Good or bad sign? “Not every gift is a reason for joy,” said the all-seeing brother.

But before the gifts were opened, the new residents were welcomed: nurse Ciara, 35, who lives in Switzerland, said she was there to be a role model. Her mission: She wants to address several issues in a TV show. He was followed by Kevin (29) from Bochum, single and flirting in a container, and Moritz (23) from Gerabronn. It describes itself as a human “3-in-1 shampoo.”

First task “Chair dance”

These first five residents were given the first group task, “Dancing on the Chairs”: dressed in cowboy hats, they had to dance around four chairs until the music stopped. Those who did not take a seat were kicked out. “Whoever wins will have a significant impact on the course of the season,” said “Big Brother.” Mateo was eventually allowed to open the first gift box and receive two buttons, which would have far-reaching consequences.

Even more roommates

He was followed by new roommates: “Rampensau” Frauke (29) from Berlin with a weakness for “Average Freaks”, Nikos (27) from Rochlitz with a clear preference for the style of the 80s and Angela (49) from Bremen, who characterizes herself as such as a medium, and he has a feeling that he will soon have a special meeting in the container. Next to move in were “boss” Maja (25) from Düsseldorf, who runs the restaurant herself, and sports and fitness fanatic Christian (26) from Essen, who prefers to work as a garbage collector.

Playing hide and seek in a container

The next new roommate, motorcycle enthusiast Jacqueline (35) from Bochum, was tasked with looking for other tenants when she moved in. “Big Brother is not a kid’s birthday party, so we’re playing hide and seek now. The first two found will have nothing to laugh about,” announced a powerful voice-over. And indeed: there is currently no comfortable bed for Angela and Ciara. Instead, the two of them have to sleep on cots in the courtyard.

Shortly after this unpleasant news, self-confident Yael (29 years old) from Berlin caused joy again when she moved: there will be a lot to see because she loves being naked and feeling other people’s gazes on her, as she reveals in the introductory video. The round includes voice artist Gema (55 years old) from Koblenz, illustrator Markus (36 years old) from Berlin, wakeboarding athlete and container girl Maxim (20 years old), as well as student journalist Benedikt (23 years old) from Eningen and a tattoo enthusiast Sandro (32 years old). finally completed and the container is full.

First nominations

Then it was time for the first full-circle action: Marcus had to go around the third box clockwise. “Nikos, the box was with you when the music stopped. Open it and read the letter,” Big Brother announces. He had to choose who he considered the two most vain residents. Frauke and Kevin then receive the bad news that they will have to make do without their suitcases until further notice.

Same game again with the fourth gift box: this time Maya had to keep the box and decide, “Which resident can you do without?” She chose Nico. And then it was Mateo’s turn again: “You won two buttons in the chair dance.” Noticeably inconvenient, he had to first issue a “Protected” button and then another “Nominated” button. He gave the green one to himself, and the red one went to Jacqueline. Anyone who receives a button must now wear it in a visible place. Next Monday, viewers will finally decide who should leave after just a week. (/spot)

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