From now on, they are also gems: Boluarte makes a change of firm and the prosecution extends the charges in the Rolex affair

The president’s watch and jewelry crisis erupted at a critical time, days after Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzén was set to ask Parliament for a vote of confidence in his cabinet. In this context, the president changed six of her ministers.

Boluarte gets tangled in versions in his legal battle, while the political battle becomes more complicated. This Friday, the Peruvian president will have a lot to explain when she goes to the Attorney General’s office: she is accused of “illicit enrichment” and crimes against public faith, in a case that is becoming increasingly complex. as we see the things that the president said, and they are compared to those found during her raids.

One of the “watches of yesteryear” mentioned by Boluarte in his first reference to the Rolex case ended up being, according to its warranty card, “purchased in 2023”. If the investigation began with a complaint regarding the use of four Rolex watches, each worth between $15,000 and $20,000now the origin of the jewelry and luxury brands worn by the president also comes into play.

These jewels, which the president would have worn during different public events, were not found during the searches carried out last Friday and Saturday, both at Boluarte’s personal home and in the offices of the Government Palace. Apparently, if the jewelry had been found, it would have been better for the president: Prosecutors are now considering expanding the investigation “for obstruction of justice or concealment against her, one of her family members or her collaborators”.

Dina Boluarte, during a press conference in Lima. Photo: AP.

Amid the media storm generated by the Rolex affair, the president decided to flee on Sunday. “I am coming to your office to request that my investigative statement be taken immediately. “In order to clarify as quickly as possible the facts under investigation,” the president asked the prosecution, in order to close the case as quickly as possible.

“In view of the political turbulence caused by the various procedures carried out by your office,” the letter said. The meeting between the president and the prosecutor was scheduled for Friday, April 5. and after the prosecution decides to reject the request, the date is maintained.

In a public message, the president criticized the persecution that was about to occur: “On the recommendation of my lawyer, I will not testify on the issue of watches until I have testified before the prosecution. Since when has a sector of the press worried about what the president wears or doesn’t wear? I hope it’s not because of a gender issue or discrimination.

The searches last Friday and Saturday continue to make people talk, more about what was not found than what was found. We learned, among other things, that during the attack on the Government Palace, Boluarte had confronted the prosecutor Hernán Mendoza, refusing to hand over the Rolexes because “it wasn’t an exhibition mission.”

The unobtainable watches, according to the La Encerrona report, are three Rolex Datejust 36s (between $15,200 and $22,500) and the Day-Date model (nearly $18,000). What was found and which causes even more problems for Boluarte, It was the warranty card for a Datejust 36 with diamonds around the body of the watch and encrusted on the numerals six and nine.

This warranty card specifies that the item was purchased on July 8, 2023, contradicting what the president said that these were watches “from yesteryear”. For his part, the owner of the store that sold the item informed the prosecution that Boluarte is not a customer of his store and did not purchase anything there. For this reason the watch would be a gift.

The President of Peru, Dina Boluarte, with her new ministers. Photo: Reuters.

The legal front will remain open, and tomorrow Wednesday there will be another important event on the political front: the request for a vote of confidence that the Prime Minister, Gustavo Adrianzén, will have to present to the Peruvian Congress, with all the members of his cabinet. The Rolex crisis broke out at the right time and Perú Libre, the party that had already filed a motion of censure against Boluarte, He assured that “in line with their program and their ideology”, they had decided not to place confidence in Adrianzén’s cabinet.

In order to improve their chances during the vote of confidence this Wednesday, Boluarte made changes in six ministries in his cabinet: Interior, Education, Agrarian Development, Production, Foreign Trade and Tourism, and Women and Vulnerable Populations.

One of those who left in direct connection with the Rolex affair was Víctor Torres, the former Minister of the Interior, who was replaced by Walter Ortiz Acosta. Torres resigned after being questioned about the participation of national police agents in the raids on Boluarte. “They didn’t expel me or censor me [en el Parlamento]“I am leaving peacefully.” he declared after leaving the Council of Ministers.

Fernando Tuesta, Peruvian political scientist: “The quickest way to advance the elections, in terms of institutional exit, is the resignation of Dina Boluarte”
Peru’s President Dina Boluarte during a press conference with foreign media, January 24, 2023, in Lima. Photo: Reuters.

The whole story of the Rolex affair began on Monday, March 18, when the show La Encerrona published photos and videos of President Boluarte, wearing different luxury watches during public events. From there, the Peruvian prosecutor’s office opened a “preliminary procedure”. for alleged crimes associated with “the use of Rolex brand watches.”

Along with the Prosecutor’s Office, the Comptroller’s Office has begun another process of compiling and evaluating the President’s income, assets and tax returns. The idea would be to be able to trace where the money with which Boluarte bought the watches came from, which, according to Peruvian justice, there would be ten.

The Executive reacted with indignation. Boluarte herself, the first time she had to bring up this subject, He assured that these were “old time” pieces, watches that he had owned for a long time. “I use it very occasionally and what I mean is: I entered the Palace with clean hands and I will leave with clean hands. What I want to say, not to biased information, but to all of Peru: I have been working since I was 18 and what I have is the result of my efforts and my work,” the president said.

Official explanations were not enough, and in a highly publicized operation, a group of uniformed officers and prosecutors burst into Boluarte’s house, last Friday he broke down her door with an iron bar. After searching the house, the agents went to the Casa de Pizarro, the Peruvian presidential palace, to search the president’s office, which was there at the time.

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