Collapse of buildings and landslides: the shocking images left by the earthquake in Taiwan

The epicenter was off the eastern coast of Hualien County, a city where various damage was reported to buildings in the urban area, leaving people stranded. For the moment, there is no official number of injured and dead.

Building collapses and landslides were recorded in Taiwan after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake whose epicenter was located in Hualien County, 156 kilometers from Tapei, the country’s capital.

7.4 magnitude earthquake shakes Taiwan: Japan issues tsunami alert on islands and SHOA excludes it for Chile

The situation caused interruption of power supply in different areas of the city and A tsunami warning has been lifted for the southern islands of Japan and the Philippines. Likewise, the surrounding areas showed floor slides on the hills and hills of the affected area.

Taiwanese television stations broadcast audiovisual recordings of some collapsed buildings by telluric movement, and it is reported in a preliminary manner that some people were trapped in the buildings even if by then, There was no official number of injuries or possible deaths. .

The epicenter occurred just off the east coast of Hualien County in the coastal waters of the island of Taiwan, according to that country’s Central Meteorological Administration.

Japan also issued an evacuation notice for coastal areas in the southern prefecture of Okinawa. Tsunami waves of up to 3 meters are expected to reach large areas of the southwest coast of the Asian country, according to the country’s meteorological agency, which put the magnitude of the earthquake at 7.5.

Apartment damaged after earthquake in Taiwan. REUTERS/Fabian Hamacher

Meanwhile, the Philippine Seismological Agency also issued a warning to coastal residents in several provinces, urging them to evacuate to higher ground.

The earthquake was felt in Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou and Ningde, in China’s Fujian province, according to that country’s official media.

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