Death toll from powerful earthquake in Taiwan rises to nine

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At this moment, it is known that nine people died and more than 800 were injured in a powerful earthquake in Taiwan. About a thousand more people may be trapped in the mountains of the national park; due to landslides, rescuers have not yet been able to reach the place. A natural disaster could also hit the economy: leading enterprises evacuated employees and partially suspended the production of microchips. The correspondent collected all the details REN TV Ilya Anikeev.

Death toll from powerful earthquake in Taiwan rises to nine

Taiwan has been shaking since the morning. People run out of buildings in panic. But it’s not safe on the street either. Bridges sway from side to side. The lampposts are about to fall onto the road. In subway cars, passengers try to hold on to each other. Deep cracks appeared on the roads. Traffic on many highways is paralyzed.

Messages about the impending disaster were shown on all local TV channels, and the presenters began to talk live about what was happening in the studio.

Dozens of buildings were destroyed in the city of Hualien. The eight-story residential building is tilted and could collapse at any moment. At least eight people are trapped inside. The rest were taken out without waiting for rescuers.

Taiwan has recorded over 40 aftershocks with a magnitude of up to 6.5

The epicenter of the earthquake was in the Pacific Ocean, 25 km southeast of the city. After a series of tremors with a maximum magnitude of 7.5, several islands went under water, and landslides occurred in the mountains.

The earthquake in Taiwan is being called the strongest in the last 25 years. In Japan, they waited for a tsunami for several hours; waves of up to three meters were predicted.

Taiwanese authorities are using the military in the rescue operation. So far, nine deaths and more than 800 injuries are known. But the consequences of the disaster can be felt by the entire world economy. Semiconductor factories in the earthquake zone had to be evacuated.

Source: Ren TV


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