Ukrainian War: Austria, Hungary, Ireland and Malta fail to supply arms

According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba, Austria, Hungary, Ireland and Malta are the only European countries that have not yet supplied Ukraine with weapons to fight against the Russian invaders.

9,000 Ukrainian soldiers died

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko acknowledged Austria’s support. “Although Austria does not supply weapons to Ukraine like Ireland, Malta and Hungary, the Austrian government is making significant efforts to minimize the negative consequences of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.” Nikolenko also appreciates Vienna’s support for the implementation of EU sanctions policy and Ukraine’s EU integration.

Kyiv appreciates support from Austria

“And we appreciate that very much,” Nikolenko told Ukraine’s online newspaper “European Pravda” on Tuesday evening. The federal government plans to repair three thousand households in the Kyiv region that were destroyed by Russian occupying troops. The project, with a total cost of 5 million Euros, will be implemented through Caritas Austria. Nikolenko said that a memorandum of understanding is currently being drawn up between the NGO and the Ministry of Communities and Regions Development of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba previously told the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform that Austria and Hungary are the only two EU countries that do not supply weapons to Ukraine.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister criticizes delays in arms deliveries due to controversy

According to Kuleba, many countries that had not previously supplied weapons to conflict zones changed their minds “after the start of total aggression.” some countries have changed their laws to allow arms shipments to Ukraine.

When it comes to the implementation of arms deliveries, there are always discussions among Ukraine’s western partners about which weapons should be delivered and when. The foreign minister was lamented, these discussions cost daily losses on the Ukrainian front.

Austria sees itself in a “special role” because of its neutrality

Russia launched its war of aggression against Ukraine six months ago. Because of the EU’s neutrality in Ukraine policy, Austria sees itself in a “special role”, as Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) puts it. At the beginning of July, he claimed “full solidarity” within the European Union, including security issues. During his visit to Kiev in July, Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) personally assured the Ukrainian leadership that, as a neutral country, Austria would not be able to supply Ukraine with weapons of war.

Hungary wants to stay away from Ukraine war

Hungary is also a NATO member. Long-serving Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who wanted to establish a “non-liberal democracy” in Hungary, led to various EU breach procedures. Orbán also maintains good relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Hungary has previously opposed EU sanctions against Russia. The head of government said Orbán wanted to stay out of the Ukraine war and that anyone who supplies weapons already has “a foot in the war”.


Source: Vienna

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